A First Attempt at Touring on a Single-Speed, Day Five

London, KY to London, KY: 24 Miles

Published on Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Redbud Ride was the Wet Butt ride. The organizers canceled the 100 mile option, with its infamous, steep hills that I'd been looking forward to trying on the single speed.

Peter, who had never before intentionally ridden his bicycle in the rain, gamely agreed to do the shortest option, 24 miles, with me. We actually got out early and rode the first three miles before the rain started, but after that it poured on us.

I was fortunate to have four days of mostly great weather on my "ride to the ride." I was happy with the performance of the Wabi single speed, with the exception of the wimpy 23 mm tires. I will be replacing those before I try any more touring on the bike.

The guy holding the umbrella was a volunteer at the event, and was impressed that I was riding a single speed: "I like the purity of it."